Getting Rid of Acne

Welcome to Acne Health Update – a site dedicated to helping you get rid of your acne.

You’ll find articles, advice, recommendations – and warnings – amongst the pages here. All designed to help you tackle your acne problems once and for all.

I spent years watching my daughter suffering the effects of acne. I watched a beautiful, happy child turn into a distressed teenager with non-existent self-esteem all caused by problem acne.

Acne Treatment on Nose

We tried everything to clear the problem and simply share our experiences here. My daughter’s acne is now clear except for the odd flare up – and at least she now knows what is most likely to cause those.

Thankfully, we have also found ways of reducing the scarring on her face to levels where it is no longer noticeable.

If your life is being blighted by acne we invite you to explore the site and try our recommendations. Nothing here is intended to replace the advice given to you by your Doctor and, even if medical science hasn’t managed to help you so far, we urge you to seek the advice of a suitably qualified dermatologist before self treating.

Whilst there is a lot you can do to help yourself, there are times – for instance when gross infection has set in – when medical intervention is appropriate and to be recommended.

We know it is possible to be acne free. We also know that acne is a condition which is very individual to each acne patient. What works for one may not work for another; what causes an acne flare up in my daughter, may not affect you. For this reason it’s necessary to treat your acne through a process of trial and error until you establish what works best for you.

We’d like to help you on that path of exploration until you too get rid of your acne.